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0.4 ACE, 4.0 AFAA, 0.4 NASM, 4.0 SCW

What You'll Learn

  • You will learn the easy step by step methods for choreographing and teaching group fitness to music.
  • How to count music in 8 and 32 counts.
  • How to identify the different parts of a song (i.e. chorus, verse, bridge, and pre-chorus).
  • How to choreograph group fitness classes on the 32 count to fitness remixed music.
  • Three different choreography protocols to choreograph group fitness classes on the 32 count to non-fitness remixed music (aka what you would find on Spotify or Apple Music).
  • The different stages of learning and learning styles which will help you teach in a way that ALL of your students can understand.
  • The 6 different types of cues and how to utilize them in class.
  • The Cueing Hierarchy, which is a method of cueing that gets all fitness levels moving quickly and safely while enhancing the flow of your class.
  • How to set the stage before class and harness the energy during class to make each of your classes an amazing experience from start to finish!
  • The importance of a Rock Star Introduction, and how to script your own.
  • How to create community within your classes to help your students feel welcomed, supported, and invested in each class.

Easy To Follow Video Based Learning

The Musicality Method is an easy to follow, step by step video-based learning program unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere, taught by the Master of Musicality Lauren George.

  • The video format allows you to practice along with the instructor. It is hard to learn to count music without first counting out loud with another instructor.
  • We break down step by step the music and cueing so it is easily digestible and easy to apply to your current teaching style
  • We offer 11 different examples, so you can see numerous ways to set choreography to music and find the style that works best for YOU!
  • We don’t just teach you how to count the music, but also how to cue with the music. This will elevate your teaching skills in every format you teach!
  • We give you worksheets to help you quickly apply what you learn to your current classes in a very easy to follow way.

“Group Fitness is all about music! Hearing it, feeling it, and moving to it inspires instructors and students to get a great workout! This course teaches instructors everything you need to know to tap into the power of music.” 

DeAun Woosley
Fitness Director at Texas A&M University for 23 years
Owner Aerobics Plus Corpus Christi

Add The Musicality Method to ANY GROUP X Class!







Strength, core workouts and more!


Lauren makes understanding musicality so simple that you can immediately start teaching to the beat as soon as you complete the course. For seasoned instructors, Lauren’s cueing hierarchy and Musicality Method will give your classes seamless flow that’s easy to follow."

— Tricia Murphy-Madden
Program Director Denali Fitness
National Education Director

Create Amazing Class Music Playlists

Learn how to create a great flowing class along with your favorite hit songs from Spotify or iTunes, or with continuous BPM fitness music from great companies such as Muscle Mix, Dynamix or Yes! Fitness Music.


"Whether you utilize music to drive movement or music for motivation, the Musicality Method online course will be sure to take your group fitness classes from good to great! "

— Steven Trotter, MS
Principal Globetrotter Wellness Solutions

Master of Musicality

During her 11 years in the fitness industry, Lauren managed the group fitness programs at The Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center, Florida State University, and ToddPilates Fitness in Austin. She currently serves as adjunct faculty at Clemson University, and is the owner of Clemson Fitness Company.

Master of musicality, Lauren had a passion for movement and fitness since a young age. She began teaching group fitness classes in college where her first love was step aerobics. Since her beginning in step, she has pursued certifications through Power Pilates, Balanced Body Pilates (Reformer level 1-3, & Apparatus level 1-3), Schwinn®, YogaFit, Kettlebell AMPD, QiDANCE, Balletone®, and TRX.

After finishing her undergraduate work in Sports Management at Texas A&M University, Lauren completed a master's degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies at The University of North Texas. In 2015, she combined her love of dance, Pilates, and group fitness to create PulsePointe barre, which has since become part of the Barre Above® program. Lauren George is the co-creator of the enhanced Barre Above® program where each month she choreographs Barre to the beat of music and shares her videos to thousands of Barre Above® certified instructors across the nation.

With the Musicality Method,
You’ll Receive:

  1. Online access to step by step videos teaching you how to incorporate the Musicality Method into your Group X classes

  2. Printable worksheets that make choreographing to music easy

  3. Includes example videos demonstrating how to choreograph Barre classes, strength, cardio, step, BOSU, core workouts and more.

  4. Approved for CEC's by ACE, AFAA, NASM, and SCW

  5. Access to our Instructor’s favorite playlists


"This video course is for anyone from the beginning instructor to the seasoned pro. I want to thank Lauren, because it’s hard to learn music choreography from a piece of paper, but Lauren’s video course is a valuable tool for all of us to easily learn the benefits of music’s phrasing and how to incorporate music into our group ex classes."

Mindy Mylrea
LifeTime Achievement Award Winner
Multiple Fitness Presenter of the Year Award Winner
Featured in over 600 videos

Not Sure Yet? Read this!

Here is How the Musicality Method will make you a Better Instructor!

  • You will learn techniques that will allow you to teach classes to music which is a highly regarded skill in the industry that will set you apart from other instructors.
  • You will learn a cueing methodology that will elevate your cueing to make your classes easier to follow which in turn makes your students feel more successful.
  • Our cueing methodology will help you better accommodate a wide variety of fitness levels in the same class in a very inclusive and empowering way!
  • You will learn how to improve your presence while leading a class which will improve your confidence as an instructor.
  • When you feel confident about teaching on beat and cueing in an efficient and effective manner, you can focus on creating community within your classes and taking the fun factor to the next level!

Musicality Method

The Musicality Method is an easy to follow, step by step video-based learning program unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere, taught by the Master of Musicality Lauren George.

“Lauren is an amazing presenter. The way she explains in the videos is brilliant, clear and easy to follow.”


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