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For over a decade, Savvier Fitness has been a leader in the fitness industry. Our many innovative products, such as Gliding™ Discs, Ropeless Jumpropes,  and Bender Balls, are used in health clubs across the world. We are also a recognized leader in fitness training, having created award winning programs such as Barre Above®, Pilates Focus, Tabata Bootcamp®, Tabata GX® and Balletone®. All of our programs are recognized by ACE, AAFA, NASM, and SCW and our fully accredited Master Trainer team certifies thousands of fitness instructors every year. We have used all of our experience in Fitness Education to make this online course informative and easy to follow. It is recognized for 4 hours of continuing education credit.

About your instructor, Lauren George, the Master of Musicality!

During her 11 years in the fitness industry, Lauren managed the group fitness programs at The Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center, Florida State University, and ToddPilates Fitness in Austin. She currently serves as adjunct faculty at Clemson University, and is the owner of Clemson Fitness Company.

Master of musicality, Lauren had a passion for movement and fitness since a young age. She began teaching group fitness classes in college where her first love was step aerobics. Since her beginning in step, she has pursued certifications through Power Pilates, Balanced Body Pilates (Reformer level 1-3, & Apparatus level 1-3), Schwinn®, YogaFit, Kettlebell AMPD, QiDANCE, Balletone®, and TRX.

After finishing her undergraduate work in Sports Management at Texas A&M University, Lauren completed a master's degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies at The University of North Texas. In 2015, she combined her love of dance, Pilates, and group fitness to create PulsePointe barre, which has since become part of the Barre Above® program. Lauren George is the co-creator of the enhanced Barre Above® program where each month she choreographs Barre to the beat of music and shares her videos to thousands of Barre Above® certified instructors across the nation.


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